Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield Announced For Nintendo Switch 

Photo credit: Nintendo & Game Freak


On the heels of the last Nintendo Direct, which aired February 11th, Nintendo and the Pokemon company aired their highly anticipated Pokemon Direct this morning. During a seven-minute presentation the Pokemon company revealed the eighth generation in the Pokemon series. The new games are titled Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield respectively. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield will usher in a new era of Pokemon as the games will now be developed for home console quality systems instead of strictly handhelds. The handheld experience thankfully isn’t lost as the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that is able to be played in a handheld mode or docked to the television. 

Given the massive power gap between the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch, naturally, the Pokemon games from now on will feature more impressive graphics and a more ambitious scope in terms of gameplay and presentation. 

During the Pokemon, Direct viewers were treated to a trailer that featured actual gameplay of the upcoming games, and frankly, the series has never looked better. The amount of polish and attention to detail easily surpasses that of the Pokemon “Let’s Go” games that debuted on the platform last fall. 

Though the graphical presentation of the games seems significantly overhauled, the game’s core mechanics seem to be still intact. Turn-based battles and random encounters seem to still be present despite the growing frustration among a segment of the Pokemon fanbase who want to the games to move beyond incremental changes between installments. The Pokemon Company is notorious for keeping secrets and surprising its fans. What fans saw today was only a taste of what’s to come and that should all keep us excited until the game’s release in Late 2019.